All the Empty Spaces


All the Empty Places investigates small vistas and corners of public parks when they are empty. These empty places are sites for people to rest. They consist of nooks and crannies, a humble ball court, a winding path, and a quirky playground, all showing potential for human interconnectivity a place where families, lovers, and friends, all share the same place, all with a collective desire to escape the troubles of the world.

The resulting photographs are of 8x10 Palladium prints, adapted from black and white negatives that were taken on a 4x5 analog camera. These photographs show dramatic unstable and unfixed vantage points that suggest rather than elucidate a full narrative. These photographs point in certain directions but never provide a definitive map. The photographs generate curiosity and contemplation and encourage you to explore your surroundings the next time you come for an afternoon, to sit, to stroll, to play a little pickup game with friends, all perfectly equal, all perfectly at ease.

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