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In the Past and Present is a body of work that explores the subtle forms and detail of buildings, giving a sense of time and past. In the Past and Present documents historic buildings as classified by local and national registries in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

I am interested in converging lines, structure, patterns, and hierarchy that play into the simple gestures and forms of architectural detail. These details are often used as a deciding factor for the designation of certain buildings over others to be considered worthy of a historical landmark classification. These decisions and their physical structures and locality impact how people maneuver through and inhabit time and space.

The resulting photographs are large-scale black and white prints which hone in on specific archi- tectural features and illustrate the juxtaposition of classical and modernist aesthetics from angularity, solitary, solidarity, continuousness, rupture, change, growth, and observation, in these photos. These large-scale photographs are made possible by the process of photo merging which allows the viewer to look up, examine, and appreciate the details of these forms that hold the architectural keys of the history of our culture.

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