Dropped Connections

United States

Taken along a train journey from Washington, D.C. to New York City, these images illustrate the experience of constructing an identity in the modern age by presenting scenes from everyday life as witnessed from the train cars' windows. By peering through this vantage point, one can see into living rooms or soccer fields, commercial office buildings, church parking lots, or even into natural spaces like the Chesapeake Bay or the pockets of forest outside Philadelphia. Dispersed throughout the series are elements of the infrastructure necessary for our modern existence: electrical lines, oil tankers, train tracks, highways, bridges, and buses. Though these create opportunities for technological connection they often discourage and disrupt interpersonal connections, crisscrossing the images of cityscapes, nature scenes, and domestic life. Older architectural features and styles haunt the photographs—such as the churches and the train cars fallen into disuse—bringing to attention the overlapping layers of historical experience and physical structures upon which we build our lives. As much as modernity represents the widespread embracing of new forms and expressions of self, we still find ourselves unable to leave the past entirely behind. This photographic interrogation allows the viewer to seek out their own experience of the work encouraging reflection about the way modern mechanical and technological infrastructure—these "connectors”—influence and sometimes overcrowd each of our social and personal lives.

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